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    Virtual Scratch Off

    A virtual scratch off is a powerful way to deliver a coupon to your subscribers. It allows for an experience like scratching off a lottery ticket; it delivers a virtual coupon that is rubbed off by a finger on a mobile device to reveal the offer. Add a virtual scratch off to a campaign, keyword response, or sign up form enrollment confirmation.

    How to Create a Virtual Scratch Off

    Create the scratch off prior to creating a campaign, keyword, or sign up form. To create, click the + under the Virtual Scratch Off display view.

    Virtual Scratch Off Name: Title your scratch off coupon.

    Logo Image: Upload your logo as a PNG file.

    Cover Image: Upload the image that will cover your coupon as a PNG file. This will be the initial image that is seen on the landing page covering up your coupon image.

    Hidden Image: Upload the image of your coupon as a PNG file. This will be the image under the cover image that contains your coupon and disclaimer. This image should be of similar size and shape to the Cover Image.

    Background Image: Upload a background image for your landing page as a PNG file, if you choose.

    Page Background Color: Select a background color if you are not using a background imagen(default is white).

    Headline: First line of text that appears directly under your logo. Select the font color (default is black).This field is not required if you’re using a Subline.

    Subline: Bolded line of text under the headline. Select the font color (default is black). This field is not required if you’re using a Headline.

    Button Title: Line of text above the button. This is an optional field and only used if you’re adding a button.

    Button Option: Add a button below your coupon image, if you do not wish to add a button, leave the field at the default option “None”. There are two button options: Activate Button (button turns from selected button color to green when clicked and shows as “activated”) or Link Button (button will redirect person to a URL).

    Button Options:

    • None: Leave the Button Title blank and click Save.
    • Activate Button: Add a button title if you’d like text above your button. Select button font color and background color and click Save.
    • Link Button: Add a button title if you’d like text above your button. Select button font color and background color. Add button text as the text that appears inside the button. Add or paste the button URL that people will be redirected to when they click and click Save.

    Once saved, use the Click to Preview link to view your virtual scratch off. Click Back for your full Virtual Scratch Offs display view. The scratch off is now available to select for a Scratch Off text message, Keyword, or Sign Up Form.

    Virtual Scratch Offs are ordered by most recent; you can use the search bar at the top of the display view to search for a specific scratch off coupon. The Clicks column provides reporting on unique and total clicks to your virtual scratch off landing page.

    Unique Clicks: This is the number of individual contacts who interacted with your virtual scratch off. This is tracked by cookies. If an individual has cookies turned off, unique clicks are going to count under total clicks as well. This could mean that unique clicks and total clicks will appear the same and unique clicks will be the total.

    Total Clicks: This is the total number of clicks the virtual scratch off has received.

    Perform different actions to a virtual scratch off by clicking the ellipses:

    • Copy Link: Copy the link to the virtual scratch off and paste anywhere you want, an application or browser, using ctrl + v or right click and paste.
    • QR Code: Generate a QR code for your virtual scratch off. You can download the QR image as a .PNG, .PDF, or .EPS and copy the image as a .PNG.
    • Edit: Makes changes to your virtual scratch off.
    • Delete: Remove your virtual scratch off from your account.