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    Organize your contacts into manageable categories so you can target them with specific campaigns based on their interests. You can assign contacts to a Group under the “Contacts” tab while adding an individual contact or uploading a list. If you create a group before adding contacts, you can assign contacts to a group as you’re adding or uploading them. Each account can create as many groups as desired.

    Where are Groups Used?

    Groups can be used within multiple functions of ChatterText.

    • Campaigns: Select as many groups as you wish to send a text message to or select one group for a more targeted campaign.
    • Keywords: Select a group to assign subscribers to when they text in the keyword to build more targeted marketing groups.
    • Sign Up Form: Each sign up form can be linked to a group of your choice.

    If you do not select a group, your contacts will automatically fall under a "Not Assigned" group. These unassigned contacts can be assigned to a new or existing group at any time.

    Setting up a Group

    Setting up a group is easy. Click "+" to add a Group at the top right corner under the Groups display view. Then, at the bottom of the Groups tab, you will see "Enter the Group Name". Type your group name and click Save. There is a 250-character limit for the name so choose a word or phrase that describes your group. Groups will be listed by order of when they’ve been added and display the number of contacts in each.