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    The Contacts tab houses all your subscribers that have been added, either individually or by upload. Under the Contacts view display, select one of the icons in the top right corner to manually add a contact or upload multiple.

    The contact(s) manually added or uploaded will be listed under your Contacts view display. They are listed by Cell Phone, name will appear underneath if there is a name associated with the contact’s profile. They are ordered by most recently added; use the Search bar at the top to search by cell phone number or name.

    Each contact has an associated Status and Group. You can filter your contacts by Status and Group by using the dropdowns at the top of the Contacts display view (Show All Statuses or Show All Groups) or view all by leaving it at the default view.


    • Green checkmark = Text permitted (date stamped)
    • Yellow exclamation point = Pending (contact signed up through a signup form but did not reply ‘Y’ to become text permitted)
    • Red X = Opted out (date stamped)

    To edit a contact, click the ellipses icon. Edit any of the contact’s information, select or change the group, or unsubscribe.

    How do you add a contact?

    You can add a contact individually or upload a list.

    Add an individual contact

    To add an individual contact, click + and fill out applicable fields. You can select a previously created group for this contact or leave blank and it will be Not Assigned. Click Add Contact to save.

    Upload a List of Contacts

    To upload contacts, click arrow pointing up icon to upload a CSV or Excel file with contact data. Review or download any of the available templates for required data format. Fill out the template or save your customer data list in the required format and drag and drop or browse to select your file.

    Data Preview and Upload Settings: Once upload is complete, preview the first 5 rows of your file and confirm the column headers match your uploaded column headers. If the column headers do not match, go back to the Contacts view display, and upload a new list that has matching column headers from one of the three available templates.

    Select a Group: Select a previously created group to add the uploaded contacts to.

    Update Existing Records: If there are contacts on the uploaded list that already exist under your Contacts, you can choose to update the existing records with the new uploaded data.

    Please agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Import Contact List.

    Upload Review: View the number of records uploaded, records updated, records not imported (contacts already exist), and rejected records (invalid data). Click “Done” if the records are correct or “Upload Another File” if there is another list you are uploading or have edits to the file.