Text Marketing Features


Select a template and add it to you library, or create your own templates for commonly used text campaigns.

Copy Campaign

No need to recreate a text marketing campaign from scratch. Simply copy a campaign, edit as necessary, select the list or group to send to, and go.

QR Code Opt-In Forms

In ChatterText you have the ability to generate custom QR codes that allow people to opt into your text marketing lists with a quick scan of their phone. This is a simple and fast way to grow your subscriber base.

Text Marketing Training & Support

We are here to help you succeed. Every client is eligible to participate in our live training session and has access to our Resource Center for the latest in text marketing. Check out the schedule and topics.

URL Link Shortening

There is no need to convert long URL hyperlinks on a third-party website. ChatterText will create shortened URLs for you to minimize the character count in your text messages.

Make It Personal

Include a person’s first and/or last name to add a personalized or official touch to your message. It’s quick, and no technical experience is required to add a personalized element.

Double Opt-In

Require your prospects and members to “double opt-in” by requesting that they reply “Y” to acknowledge their intention to subscribe to your list.

Multiple User Support

Sometimes you cannot do it all and need to share your account with your team to help manage and launch campaigns. Not a problem, you can grant permission to trusted users to have access to your account.

Event Message Center

Create a real-time event keyword and poll your groups in real-time with our event message center. You can see questions come in instantly and respond live during your event or one-on-one after your event.

Contact Management

Add unlimited contacts to your account and segment your list into as many groups as needed to organize the marketing data.

MMS / Picture and GIF Messaging

Quickly attach a picture or GIF to any text message to boost response rates and engagement from your customers. MMS allows you to send up to 1,600 characters and images to grab your audience's attention quickly.

Email Capture

Capture an email address from an opt-in link, and easily download in a .CSV file format to use with your favorite email marketing service provider.

Only Text Messages

All outbound messages are sent using SMS or MMS text protocols. We deliver millions of texts per year through the highest-rated cell phone carriers.


We strive to maintain the utmost compliance possible within our system. Compliance with our cellular partners and TCPA is a priority for us. From our opt-in management to the disclaimers built with in our system, we promise to keep you safe.

Opt-In Link

The opt-in link will enable you to sign-up customers from a website, email, social post, or any other application. This versatile link will direct people to an easy to complete form.

Tag It

Add #tags to easily identity and categorize your campaigns.

Self-Cleaning Subscriber Lists

Self-Cleaning is the process that occurs in our system when a person changes their number, adds a landline, or the line gets shut off. Our system will flag the number and remove it. Our system is always monitoring for bad numbers for quick removal.

Secure Information

All your information and data are 100% secure and safe behind our SSL encryption and technology! Additionally, data is encrypted in our fully enhanced Microsoft Cloud and stored in our enterprise database solution.

Recurring Messages

Send text messages on a recurring basis. This feature enables you to schedule campaigns that repeat on a periodic basis, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or on specific days of the week or month.

Opt-In Forms

Create an opt-in form that is compatible with mobile, tablet or desktop. There is no effort required to create the standard form layout.

Website Opt In Forms

Build mobile-friendly opt-in forms that can be used at kiosks, landing pages, on tablets, and even embedded on your website. Every form created has an easy HTML form that you can use as a stand-alone page or drop in on any site.

Send Text to List or Group

Easily send text messages to an entire list or group within your account. You can have as many groups as your business requires.

Text to Join

Customers can opt-in to your list by texting a "keyword" to a long or short phone number. Short phone numbers are typically 5-digits long and referred to as a "short code".

Schedule Campaigns

Text campaigns can be set up to send now, or anytime in the future. Set up campaigns to automatically launch on a specific date and time.

Virtual Scratch-off Coupon

Engage your members with a virtual scratch-off coupon. It is fun, interactive, and increases conversions by 30%. Try it for yourself by texting "Demo" to 41260.

Import List

Do you have a TCPA compliant list already cultivated? No problem. You can import your list in just a few easy steps.

List Updates

Lists are automatically updated with opt-in, opt-out, and manual status changes in real-time. All status changes are date and time-stamped.

Campaign Insight

Understand how your campaigns are performing with real-time reporting and analytics. The data is presented in intuitive charts and graphs for easy interpretation.

Keyword Campaign Auto-Reply

Keyword campaigns use auto responders to direct the prospective or existing member to the next step in a campaign journey such as a website, form, or virtual scratch-off coupon.

Launch Campaign from Mobile Device

No need to download any apps with ChatterText. You can create, edit, and launch SMS text marketing campaigns from an Apple or Android mobile device browser. This includes your phone and tablet.