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Text Marketing

$249 Set Up
1500 Text Credits
1 Keywords
1 Long Code
SMS/Virtual Scratch-Off
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Text Marketing

$149/per month
$249 Set Up
2500 Text Credits
2 Keywords
1 Long Code
SMS/MMS/Virtual Scratch-Off
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Review Manager
1st & 3rd Party Reviews

$349 /month
$499 Set Up
500 Text Credits
3 3rd Party Integrations
1 Long Code
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Text Marketing Plus & 
Review Manager Bundle

$499 Set Up
3500 Text Credits
2 Long Codes
5 3rd Party Integrations
SMS/MMS/Virtual Scratch-Off
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100 or more locations
Custom Automations
Custom POS/CRM/ERP Integration
Franchise, Corporate & Member Networks
Tailored Support
High Volume Text Pricing
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Frequently Asked Questions about ChatterText

Why do you use Text Credits?

Conventionally, a text is understood to a message that is 160 characters or less. With the advent of MMS text messaging can include images and characters up to 1200 characters in length. Chatter texts assigns a credit value to each text depending on character count and image use.

What is a Keyword?

SMS keywords are words that people text into an assigned long or short code. For example, text “Demo” to short code 41260. Keywords are used to interact with both a long or short code that corresponds to a specific mobile messaging campaign. Using keywords is a quick and easy way to build text opt-ins for future messaging campaigns.

What is a Long Code?

Long codes are 10-digit phone numbers that are assigned to your text marketing account for business texting and campaigns. These numbers are automatically assigned to you when service. You can use long codes in your marketing, and include dedicated keywords to assign your customers to your groups.

What is a Virtual Scratch-Off?

Virtual scratch-offs allow you to create highly targeted specials that go out to your members. These scratch-offs enhance the coupon experience by making the process interactive. Your members would simply receive the offer and rub off the image to reveal the special.   To experience the virtual scratch-off Text Chattertext to 41260.