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    Inbox is a two-way texting tool that allows you to communicate with your customers on a one-to-one basis in real-time. This tool provides you the ability to text within the ChatterText application so that your personal cell phone number is never shared. Your Inbox will primarily be utilized to receive and manage text replies from campaigns and keywords, or to begin a new conversation.

    Managing Text Responses:

    When a response comes in, you will automatically receive a text message notification to your cell phone alerting you that you have a new response to manage. Conversations will be displayed in order of newest to oldest, and any unread messages will be easily distinguishable by a red circle next to the contact. The red circle will disappear once the message is viewed.

    To reply to a text message:

    • Select the conversation you want to reply to by clicking the contact information. Search for a specific conversation by cell phone number or name of contact using the Search bar.
    • Type your message in the message box.
    • Click send.
    • The original campaign message that was replied to will be included in the conversation history as a previous conversation.

    To delete a conversation:

    • Select the conversation from the left-hand panel you want to delete.
    • Click the Actions drop-down in the upper right corner and select Delete Conversation.
    • The conversation will be removed from Inbox, but the history will still be saved if there were to be another response or conversation started with the contact.

    Beginning Text Conversations:

    Begin a conversation with a new or existing contact from your contact list, or search for an existing conversation to pick up where you left off.

    Start conversation with a new or existing contact:

    • Click the Actions drop-down on the top right and select Start Message.
    • Fill out the name and cell phone number and click Add.

    Search for an existing contact:

    • Start a new message with a current contact by clicking the + symbol next to the Search bar.
    • Search for the contact by cell phone number or name.
    • Click Text to begin a conversation. If there is a previous conversation history with this contact, you will be brought to the previous chain to start your new message.

    To edit a contact:

    • Edit contact information under the view display of your inbox by clicking the Actions drop-down and selecting Edit Contact.

    Inbox is the necessary solution to communicate with your subscribers on a personal level via their preferred communication method: text message. It is recommended to limit the back-and-forth with your subscribers and keep it concise. If a subscriber requests a phone call, you will need to do so outside of the Inbox.