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    Keywords are a quick and easy way to gain text opt-ins. The number of keywords you have available to create will be listed on your dashboard. Once the allotted amount has been created, the option to add a keyword will disappear until you upgrade your plan to allow for more keywords or until you delete an existing keyword.

    How to Create a Keyword

    Create a keyword from your dashboard by clicking Add Keyword(s) or by clicking + on your Keywords display view.

    Keyword: Type a unique single word or term (no spaces) that people can text into your short or long-code to subscribe to your contact list. It’s recommended to use 10 characters or less.

    Response Message: Type the message someone receives immediately after texting the keyword to the assigned short or long-code. You have 160 characters.

    Add Link: Enter and select a shortened URL to include in your response message or a previously created virtual scratch off.

    Compliance verbiage is automatically added at the end of your response message. You can edit the average number of messages per month by clicking the blue bubble in the upper right-hand corner next to the account name and selecting Tools from the drop-down. Update the number of average messages per month. This will update your compliance text.

    Group(s): Select the group you would like people assigned to if they text that keyword to the assigned short or long-code.

    Click “Add Keyword” to save.

    The Keywords display view will list keywords and the assigned group under the keyword as well as the number of contacts who have texted each keyword. Click the contacts number to view activity and the contacts list for the keyword. Keyword activity will show number of contacts who texted into the keyword during specific months in the year. You can filter by date range or view lifetime. The Contacts section list the contact details like phone number, name (if it’s a previously saved contact), and text-in date. You can use the search bar for specific contacts.

    To view additional actions for each keyword, click the ellipses.

    • SMS Replies: Replies to a keyword are grouped under this section. They are also sent to your inbox to manage and respond back.
    • Edit: Make changes to your keyword response or group.
    • Delete: Remove a keyword from your account.