Set Up Keyword for Easy Opt-in

Keywords are a quick and easy way for your customers to opt-in to your list with nothing except their phone.

Keywords are a quick and easy way to gain text opt-ins. At the top of the Keywords tab, it will show how many keywords are included with your account. Each keyword has its own response message. These can be edited by simply clicking the blue pencil below the "Actions" column.

How to Create a Keyword

To create a keyword, select the Keywords tab on the left-hand panel, and click “Add Keyword”.

Type the unique word or term (with no spaces) you would like to use. We recommend no longer than 10 characters.

Type the response message that someone will immediately receive when they text the keyword to your designated short or long code. This is limited to 160 characters, so you meet all cell phone provider requirements for SMS. The required compliance verbiage will automatically be appended to the end of your message, either as a standalone message or part of your original message if space allows.

The "ADD LINK" drop-down option allows you to add a virtual scratch off coupon or website link to your message. If you select to add a website link to direct customers to, you can copy and paste the long URL and our system will create the shortened URL for you to include in the message. If you select to add a scratch off, you will be able to choose which previously created scratch off you would like to include. This option is only available after you've created a virtual scratch off.

Select the group you would like people automatically assigned to when they text in the keyword to your short or long code. Click “Add Keyword” to save. Your keyword will be listed under your Keywords tab.